эпидермиса, что дало возможность ускорить появление грануляций и заживление язв стопы, сократить про

эпидермиса, что дало возможность ускорить появление грануляций и заживление язв стопы, сократить про¬дол¬жительность лечения, улучшить общее состояние пациентов. За счёт быстрого подавления гнойного очага инфекции и уменьшения процессов катବболизма в ране удалось снизить уровень эндогенной интоксикации. Данная стратегия позволила уменьшить количество ампутаций конечностей в 1,4 раза.
Предложенный способ аутолейкоцитарной перфузии лекарств может быть рекомендован для применения в хирургических стационарах общего профиля.
Ключевые слова: синдром диабетической стопы, сахарный диабет, эндогенная интоксикация, аутолейкоцитарная перфузия лекарств.

Dmitrenko S.S. Autoleukocytic perfusion of extremities with medicamental saturation in complex of surgical treatment of patients with diabetic foot. – Manuscript.
Thesis for a scientific degree of candidate of medical sciences in speciality 14.01.03 – surgery. – The Zaporozhye medical academy of postgraduate education, Zaporozhye, 2006.
In the dissertation the efficiency autoleukocytic perfusion of medicines in complex surgical treatment of the patients with a set of symptoms of diabetic foot (SDF) is researched. The expressiveness of deformation and ischemia foot, and also arterial hypertension, obesity, dislipodemia, retinopathy and microalbuminuria on a background of not compensated Mellitus Diabetum (MD) – hyperglycemia is marked low „ diabetic education ” of the patients, patients on MD and influence on formation SDF such intercomplicating factors of risk as presence of an osteoarthropathy. Besides it is shown, that SDF is accompanied by appreciable by changes and ascending of parameters of an endogenic intoxication.
The existence SDF deepens on endogenic intoxication and intercomplicates MD, results to appreciable haemodinamical shifts revealed by dopplerometric researches. Uses in a complex of treatment SDF аutoleukocytic perfusion of a medicine assists improvement of a general condition of the patients, acceleration of compensation MD, decrease of a level of an endogenic intoxication. Autoleukocytic perfusion of medicines has permitted to reduce duration of treatment, has both clinical, and economic benefit and can be recommended in interdisciplinary application. The given strategy permits to reduce quantity of ablations in 1,4 times, which are by one of tasks planned by Saint-Vincent Declaration.
With the purpose of rising efficiency of complex treatment and elimination of an endogenic intoxication in patients with SDF to treatment it is necessary to attract introduction in autoleukocytic suspension of dalargin. The application in complex treatment of dalargin give anabolic effect and simulates opiatergic processes proteosynthesis in patients with a syndrome of diabetic foot.
Key words: syndrome of diabetic foot, Mellitus Diabetum, endogenic intoxication, аutoleukocytic perfusion of medicines.